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The World’s First Tree Crayons

100 % Non-Toxic with FDA-Approved Wax

Once upon a time…

In the busyness of our day-to-day lives, it is easy to overlook the environment around us. A few years ago, I was watching the news and learned that there are around 100,000 trees lining the streets of my city. It struck me that I had never noticed the trees against the urban backdrop, and I began to reflect on all the time I spent playing in the forest during my childhood.


I created Tree Crayon to remind people to pause and appreciate the world’s natural beauty. By combining the unique shapes found in the forest with a multitude of colors, my hope is to inspire creativity and conservation.


To create the crayons, I searched for the most beautiful fallen tree branches and created molds to replicate the unique shapes and textures. Each crayon is carefully handcrafted in our workshop by pouring eco-friendly heated wax into these branch-shaped models.

Love & Peace

We picked up 24 types of trees from worldwide, some of them are officially national trees; some of them represent certain area in our mind. It symbolizes we human beings should get together to protect Earth as a family.


Since it’s handmade, so we are able to deal with the detail of texture.

Each crayon has a unique color and shape, replicating 24 different kinds of tree branches.

The colors in our palette reflect the hues found in nature – both vibrate and subtle shades of different flowers, leaves, and plants.
Create Tree Crayons are modeled after 24 varieties of trees from around the world, demonstrating the beauty of diversity. Be inspired, embrace your individuality, and explore a world of endless possibilities.
Each crayon is made from FDA-approved natural wax. By using eco-friendly ingredients, we are demonstrating our commitment to the environment. We will also donate a portion of our profits to nonprofit groups dedicated to environmental protection.

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